We recently acknowledged these rising stars, young leaders, and dedicated staffers at the Zip Zap Circus AGM held on Saturday, 24 July 2021. We salute these award winners for the 2020 reporting year.

Perfect Hideaways Award

Performer of the Year – Silumko Ndulula

This award is in recognition of the countless hours of hard work, the blisters and bruises endured to achieve artistry of the highest level.
Silumko: Displays dedication, fellowship, teamwork, and discipline. His passion shines through and he comes alive on stage. His diabolo speciality is infused with energy and mesmerises his audiences. He has demonstrated grit during lockdown and his performances and techniques have improved 100% in the last year.

Van Schaik Family Award

Most Improved Student – Lukhanyo Samson

This student shows consistent willingness to work hard and has made remarkable progress.
Lukhanyo: Hungry to succeed, determined, focussed, and dedicated. Relatively new to Zip Zap having commenced in January 2020, he demonstrates passion, continuous improvement and has refined his skills. He presented the most original, unique, and coherent presentation in the year-end artistic evaluation.

Nel Family Award

Student of the year – Bridgette Berning

Bridgette:  Has a great attitude, is hardworking, a team player and has fully embraced the Zip Zap spirit. She applies herself, displays phenomenal discipline and motivation, is supportive, respectful and has a positive attitude. A student with boundless potential.

Ariella Kuper Award

Fellowship of the year – Xolani Sikunana

Xolani: Is always willing to help others, displays kindness, is dependable and approachable.  He is hungry to learn and resourceful.  Always wearing a smile on his face and a positive attitude, he is a young leader in the making.

Zip Zap Circus Award

Employee of the year – Melanie Boltman

Melanie: Is dedicated, passionate and always available. She goes the extra mile and is calm in a crisis. She is a supportive and understanding colleague and is well respected. Melanie always acts in the best interest of Zip Zap and demonstrates professionalism. She has an infectious positive attitude, is trustworthy and mature. She makes personal sacrifices for Zip Zap & invests 110% in everything she does.

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