Got some items lying around?

Or have some friends who could offer their time and skills? Gather a collection of lots to bid and friends willing to support and host your own auction.

Bake Sale

Take that killer brownie recipe or get the kids involved and bake up a storm. Take them along to your school, work or an event and share the yummy goodness!

Book Sale

Whether you have stacks of books lying around (that we know you’re never going to read) or put out a call to friends and family to donate, set by the book or stack similar genres together and sell by the bag!

Themed Parties

We all love a murder mystery dinner party or a minute-to-win-it games night! Why not get friends to buy tickets, gather the food, plan a fun night for all?

Backyard Concert

Surely we all have that ridiculous talented friend that we’ve tried to convince to enter Idols right? Help them get over their stage fright by organising a little garden soiree, sell some tickets, hang some fairly lights and there you have a backyard concert!

Fun Run

Organise your own fun run where people pay to participate or get some sponsors and join an already existing race.

Movie Night

This can take so many forms. Whether it be a themed dinner and snacks around a recently released movie, hanging a screen in your garden and organising some picnic snacks or going all out and renting a theatre, who doesn’t love a good movie?

Quiz Night

Gather your most competitive friends, find a set of themed or general knowledge questions and see who ends up on top!

Special Event Donation

Do you really need another pair of socks from Uncle Bob? Ask that instead of giving you a gift for your birthday, your guests donate to Zip Zap or give cash for you to do it on their behalf.

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