Dear COVID-19, you may have thrown another punch and dimmed their lights, but you have not dampened their spirits. The beauty of South Africa, and its people is that they continue to roll with the punches. They persevere with creative flair and renewed resilience. Cape Town’s beloved youth circus, Zip Zap, is no exception. Proudly South African brand exported to global stage

With ‘limited to zero’ social gatherings permitted for the past year and a half; Zip Zap Circus has pushed its creative boundaries by re-inventing its entertainment offerings from the stage to digital screens. Alongside so many of their counterparts in the performing arts and entertainment sector, it has become a crucial matter of survival. As a non-profit organisation, Zip Zap secures almost fifty percent of its income from live events.

What was originally the foundation of a live show, MOYA, was re-packaged into Zip Zap’s first ever acrobatic short film. This exquisite 50-minute art movement film was first screened in April and was viewed by 4000 fans world-wide from 46 countries. Following rave reviews Zip Zap was invited to showcase MOYA at the Brighton Fringe Festival and will next feature at the acclaimed Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

“I just watched the film, and I LOVED every second of it. I loved the transitions, the winner camera angles for the performance, choreography, the soundtracks, the poetry and of course, the skills of the artists.” Pavel Kotov, the casting director at Cirque du Soleil.

MOYA is a tale of human connectivity

MOYA is a rhythmic ode to South Africa, focusing on central themes of brotherhood, community, race, and humanity. It reflects the past, present and future of this multicultural circus cast & the South African rainbow nation, celebrated through the beauty of art and movement.

It is a tale of connectivity and unity, told through youthful eyes. Using traditional circus disciplines, as well as indigenous dance, certain scenes subtly address social injustices, others revisit the history of cultural art forms. Scenes are extremely physical and exquisitely choreographed while showcasing the best of Cape Town’s natural biodiversity.

“Stunning, open, revealing a world of possibilities through the fabulous medium of dance storytelling, grab a seat and be loved.” Reviewer: Daniel Donnelly from Mumble Theatre. Read the full review.

Not seen MOYA yet?

MOYA can still be streamed on-demand at the Brighton Fringe – the largest open-access arts festival in the UK until Sunday, 11th July. In 2019 Brighton Fringe consisted of 1034 events in 164 venues across the city and attracted audiences of over 604,000. The festival embraces every art form and supports both new and established performers as well as showcasing new work.

This visually-uplifting entertainment doesn’t stop here and global audiences can still enjoy MOYA on-demand as it plays at the 2021 Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the world’s leading arts festival. This screening is available from 6th to 30th August.

“This is a project that symbolizes the evolution of Zip Zap. An opportunity to tell the next chapter of their story without looking back – and share it with the world.” says movement filmmaker, professional circus artist and Zip Zap alumni, Sabine van Rensburg.

At a time when South African’s grapple with a 3rd COVID wave and while we can’t go about our normal lives, MOYA is not only a ‘feel-good’ piece that will instill viewers with immense pride in our country, but also an opportunity to support local talent and to keep the performing arts industry alive until we can meet again, in person.

Take a sneak preview.

Proudly supported by:

The National Arts Council, the African Culture Fund, French Institute of South Africa – IFAS Culture.
Get your tickets for MOYA on Brighton Fringe until 11th July 2021
Watch out for Edinburgh Fringe here live from 6th to 30th August 2021.

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