Cape Town roads are abuzz with thousands of avid cyclists as they gear up for the largest timed cycle race in the world. Some cyclists have chosen to unite for a common cause – to fundraise for their favourite non-profit organisation, Zip Zap Circus.

The Cape Town Cycle Tour started out initially as a protest race to encourage the safety of cyclists on Cape Town’s busy roads. It has, however, evolved into one of the largest timed cycle races in the world, with a strong focus on raising funds for charities.

It is a highlight on Cape Town’s annual events calendar and draws cyclists from across the globe. This year, Zip Zap’s Cycle Warriors have set themselves ambitious targets on BackaBuddy and are appealing for your support.

Zip Zap Circus is a vibrant, uniquely South African social and professional circus that was founded in Cape Town in 1992. It uses circus arts as a tool for youth development and social transformation. Working with children from diverse backgrounds Zip Zap’s mission is to provide ordinary children and youth at risk with the resources to develop both performance and life skills that enable them to develop as young leaders and good citizens, and to make them eminently employable.

The Cycle Warriors have set personal targets on BackaBuddy to raise funds for Zip Zap’s outreach and youth programmes, all of which are offered free of charge. Initiatives such as the Cape Town Cycle Tour help Zip Zap to raise funds for its programmes.

Zip Zap’s CEO and co-founder, Laurence Esteve, who has also signed up as a Cycle Warrior, shared the following, “We would like to salute our Cycle Warriors and are grateful for their contribution to changing the lives of our next generation of circus performers.

Thank you to the following Zip Zap Cycle Warriors for their dedication to this inspiring cause: Murphy Albert, Thierry Albrand, Corne Barnard, Julia Bass, Hilton Conradie, Victoria Engelhorn, Laurence Esteve, Nic Good, Josefin Ittichai, Trevor McLean-Anderson, Raye Moolman, Danie Morkel, Frans Morkel, Henry Muller, Sam Reilly, Hannes Slabbert, Sanette Snyman, and Florian Thiele. Please support their fundraising efforts on BackaBuddy.

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