Zip Zap Circus is super excited that a brand new Dare2Dream documentary will premiere on France’s leading pay channel, CanalTV on 4th February 2021.

What a way to start our new year!

Over the course of one year, Director Kate Thompson Gorry and her crew, explored the activities and achievements of our extraordinary social circus school.

Zip Zap Documentary Screening on Canal+

She documents the journey we took to prepare for one of the biggest shows of our lives. The documentary vividly portrays the passion, perseverance and hard work, our young artists displayed as they brought their talents to the world, marvelling the likes of 50 000 spectators, for a once-in-a-lifetime event with the Roger Federer Foundation.

An energetic and spirited film, which finds a middle-ground between contemporary circus and the hardships of African reality, balancing between ongoing struggles and the magic of performing arts – we dive into an original and powerful journey, at the heart of one of the world’s most captivating social circuses.

The documentary is only available to view in France and Monaco if you subscribe to CanalPlus. If you are outside of France you will need to add a VPN plug-in and then you can subscribe to CanalPlus.

  • Written and directed by: Kate Thompson GORRY
  • Visuals: Clement ALLINE
  • Sound/Audio: Ronnie BASAIJJA
  • Editing: Pauline CHABAUTY
  • Original music: Jean-Francois BOURASSIN, Christophe ALLEMAND
  • A Coproduction: Bo Travail!
  • Producer: Laetitia VUITTON
  • Artistic Producer: Jean-Francois BOURDIER
  • With the participation of the Canal + family
  • Director of the C+ Youth Wing: Audrey BRUGERE
  • Director of C+ Documentary Wing: Christine CAUQUELIN, Myriam ZEDIRA

With the participation of the National Centre of Cinema and Animation

Zip Zap Documentary Screening on Canal+

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