The annual Auction is Zip Zap’s flagship fundraiser and an eagerly anticipated event. In 2019 we raised a whopping R1,127,500 in one magnificent afternoon! Sadly we were unable to host a live Auction in 2020. However, we hope to reinstate the live Auction on Sunday, 7th March 2021 hosted at the Cape Heritage Hotel in Cape Town. This time we are also bringing our fans an online auction that will precede the live event.

Zip Zap Auction

From 1st February 2021, you can browse once-in-a-lifetime bucket list experiences that range from an entry ticket into the sought-after Bernina Grand Tourismo, access to a classic car with accommodation at Lej da Staz in Switzerland to a priceless signed Rafael Nadal tennis racket from Match in Africa #6.

Other experiences can take you and your partner to Spain for a 5-night stay at the 1274 Medieval Estate – Brugarol, including a 2-night stay at Las Heras and 3-night Stay Bell Lloc for two people. Or be a VIP at the White Turf horse racing event one of the most unique and exclusive horse-racing events on the global calendar.

Closer to home like a custom-designed outfit from Kat van Duinen, a mixed-media art piece from Ruth Greaves or a personalised tour with Dylan Lewis of his world-famous sculpture garden. This unique auction is celebrated with live entertainment by award-winning singer/songwriter and humanitarian poet, Zolani Mahola. Two world-renowned mixologists; Tetsuo Hasegawa and Nana Shimosegawa will join us all the way from New York to create their mouthwatering signature cocktails, paired with delectable snacks.

It’s an experience where guests leave with emptier pockets, and fuller hearts. It’s an occasion that lifts spirits and celebrates the joy of life, the power of community and the rewards of contributing to life-changing human stories. Our friends leave knowing that they have made the world and our beloved South Africa, a better place. All proceeds from this much-anticipated gathering are utilised to fund Zip Zap’s youth and outreach programmes inspiring and equipping kids for life. If you would like to attend the live Auction event at a cost of R1500 per person, please email us:

Here are some images from our past auctions.
(Image credits: Gregor Rohrig)



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